"Most dream of castles in the sky, but only a handful build foundations beneath it." The creative ideas and innovations are merely an incubus until they get built up. A startup is a blitzkrieg of wisdom about creating things.

Paramarsh'16, for the first time ever, with utter enthusiasm, kindled STARTUPEDIA-The Development Dialogue, with the sole aim of getting the young vision chasers out of dilemmas and giving them a golden opportunity to materialize their ideas! We are proud to provide such innovators and young aspiring entrepreneurs a platform for them to mark a milestone!

Startupedia brings the opportunity to convert virtual business ideas into reality. It is not only about ideas, but also making them happen.
It is amalgamation of workshops, consolidation, mentoring and presentation.

Professional guidance of experts will help to mould the raw ideas into constructive plot and represent them in front of honourable jury.

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