Smokin' Aces

A whole horde of people head-banging, going downright stark crazy at your blistering beats and burning strings!! The pure adrenaline rush of performing in front of a music-savvy crowd swaying to your rhythm!! The mesmerized look on the multitude of people in front of you is enticing you to push yourself more and more!!. Do these and many more such scenarios form the contents of your daylight dreams? Do you aim to fill in the shoes of John Lennon, Ozzy Osbourne and Mick Jagger? Do you aim to showcase the Maestro inside you? Then spearhead your way to Paramarsh '17 where we bring to you Smokin’ Aces: The Battle Of Bands. Battle it out with others of your credo and surface as the winners. Let the Games Begin!!

30 minutes playing time inclusive of setting time (i.e. band gets stage for 30 min max.) Minimum number of songs 3. 1 original composition compulsory. Maximum number of songs : No Bar. The decision of the judges will be final. Only drum sets will be provided by Paramarsh, rest instruments should be managed by the band. Any damage caused by the band or the band member on the drums, mikes, provided by Paramarsh is to be beared by the band. A particular person can be a member of any number of bands but it should be notified to the Organizing Team during registration. Final authority rests with Paramarsh Organizing Team.

To register, the band needs to post a link to their audio/video compositions on : The e-mail should be having the following details in addition to the link :-

  1. Name of the Band
  2. Number of Band Members
  3. Origin (i.e. the city to which they belong to)
  4. Contact Number

Saurav Bhoya : +91-8866124866
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