Adios Addiction

To achieve something great, such as making our college the first tobacco free college in the state of Gujarat; it doesn't require a huge step. Rather, it requires an assemblage of small conjoint steps. We are dignified to take the first step in Adios Addiction - our no tobacco campaign. In which we organised our "No Tobacco Express" run at the central railway station , spreading awareness among all in a striking manner.


Speaking Streets

Youth is the treasure of a nation. What would happen if that only is misguided by the culpability of the society. To spread awareness regarding the same, Paramarsh'17 conducted street plays all over the city.


Little Steps

A small step towards the upliftment counts. We at Paramarsh, believe the same. This year we conducted a donation drive , providing underprivileged kids with educational kits and boosting up their confidence with our little step towards development.