Montre De Binge

“Hey! How you doin?”
Young and old serioholics, gear yourselves up to plunge into the fantasy world of series! A world where sarcastic Chandler, debonair Sherlock, geeky Sheldon, sensitive Clay, determined Daenerys, ruthless Cersei, shrewd Tyrion and many others will coalesce together. An amalgamation of the series of every genre known to mankind, a clime where Robin meets Sheldon, Eurus investigates Cliff, Clay doubts Phoebe and Cersei betrays Eleven, a place where all and sundry can watch the abridged world of reviere.
This year, with the theme of Montre De Binge, PARAMARSH'18 unveils the rendezvous of the enthralling personas who'll meet and greet you with the greatest of ebullience.

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