Awareness For Society

Road Rage Awareness

It is evident that lack of knowledge regarding traffic rules have always been a misfortune to young adults. To make it a healthy ride, Paramarsh under the banner of 'Sanidhya' and in association with Vadodara Traffic Police presents 'Road Rage Awareness', an initiative focusing on traffic laws, accident- prones and license issuing regulations.

Cyber Forensics

Paramarsh under the banner of 'Sanidhya' attempts to apprise the techniques of Cyber Forensics amongst school students. The seminar would help them gain knowledge about cyber crime laws, DOS attack, web attack, fake profile, email tracing and hacking laws, conducted by the experts from Cyber Suraksha.

Adios Addiction

To achieve something great, such as making our college the first tobacco free college in the state of Gujarat; it doesn't require a huge step. Rather, it requires an assemblage of small conjoint steps. We are dignified to take the first step in Adios Addiction - our no tobacco campaign. In which we organised a signature drill in our college, place signages in all over the college.

Tree Plantation

Often the giant revolutions are results of small but firm steps. Pledged to contribute in making the earth a better place to live, the members of PARAMARSH have made a beautiful example under the banner of SANIDHYA by planting trees in our city Vadodara. The environment day will come only once in a year but the trees planted today will be the long time benefit for society.